Winner! Children’s Logo Competition

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 Children’s Logo Design Competition

We are happy to announce the winner of The Old Library’s Children’s Logo Competition: Elizabeth, 9 years old.

Elizabeth, author of the winning design

Elizabeth, author of the winning design

We were impressed with how cheerful the design looks, and how it incorporates the idea of “Space for all” while showing what it is that we will be doing at The Old Library: metting friends, having delicious drinks and food, growing vegetables and using computers! Well done, Elizabeth!

We asked our winner to answer a few questions

1. How did you come up with the idea for your logo?

– I came up with the idea of my logo to represent all the things that the old library has started, like the gardening, ICT and most of all, the cafe. Me and my mum wrote down all of the things that the old library does and then I picked as many as I could and put them in my logo.

2. Is computer graphics your preferred method of drawing? Do you also draw with crayons and paint with paints?

– I’ve always drawn with crayons and pencils and painted since I was really little. I love art and design. I have won quite a few awards in Todmorden Agricultural show and have lots of certificates too. Now I’m older I’ve started using the computer to do art and design as well as using other equipment. My fab ICT teacher at school Mr Pickering taught me how to use Serif Drawplus (that I did my logo on) so now I can do allsorts on it.

3. Have you or your parents/guardians been to one of events at The Old Library? (The Launch, Cornholme Open Gardens Day, Sun Party)? What did you like about them? What can we improve?

– Sadly no but I would like to go soon because we haven’t had a chance.

4. What foods and desserts would you like our cafe to serve?

– Well that’s a hard choice but I would have to choose for dessert obviously cake and biscuits and for the actual snacks, well most people like toasties so I think it should have that and I’m a vegetarian so I think it should have some vegetarian food plus I don’t think it should have too much meaty stuff because it won’t smell very nice and it will disturb other people.

5. What would you like to do in The Old Library, what sort of activities should we run for children like yourself?

– Well for children like me I think we should start little clubs like a football club or cooking groups and for the clubs go on little trips like the woods and do nature trails and things like that.

6. What is your favourite thing about Cornholme/Portsmouth?

– The people mostly there’s only a couple of people that aren’t quite nice but that’s it and me and my mum and most of my family grew up there so we’re really close to it.

7. What do you think Cornholme and Portsmouth should be like in 100 years?

– Hopefully it will stay the same I don’t really want it to change.

20130704_214025Thank you for your interview, Elizabeth!

We will be sure to serve lots of vegetarian and vegan goodies in the cafe, our capable cafe volunteer Sara Steeles is designing the menu as we speak. We hope Elizabeth children can join us for Canopy‘s outdoor play events 24 and 25 August.

  1 comment for “Winner! Children’s Logo Competition

  1. March 9, 2014 at 2:03 am

    Yes i won it!!! id jus like to thank Oxanna for helping me with my interview and to my relatives . Im sure we will all enjoy the old library again . Im 10 now and i still remember getting the email of Oxanna saying iv won i were like OH MY GOD !!! 😃

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