Capioera in Cornholme

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This weekend we took our capioera workshop (which was planned to be outside on The Bobbin) inside , as it was a little bit wet on Saturday evening! The Vale Baptist Church kindly lent us their room as capioera needs a bit of space to move about (Thank you, Kath Lawson). We learned how to play instruments like the pandero (tambourine), tabeki (drum) and casheeshee (like a maraca) and sing Capioera songs which are in portugese. Many thanks to Capioera master William Souza and Capioera Angola Manchester teacher Sebastian Serayat who taught this class, and other members of Capioera Angola Manchester who showed us how its done. It was very energetic, and the children who attended had great fun, and the adults who joined in were shattered by the end!

William Souza is visiting UK from a city called Bela Horizante in Brazil, and is part of an organisation called ACCA BHZ. This is a language project who has made a school to teach english and French to children in Brazil who otherwise may not have a chance to learn or even go to school at all. If you would like to know more about the project please go to to find out more.

Thanks to our local Communities Police officer, who stopped in to give the children some freebies. They loved their hi-vis smiley face stickers, and UV anti theft pens.

Here are some pictures of the afternoon.

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learning capioera moves and how to mirror your opponent

learning capioera moves and how to mirror your opponent

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