Money for the Old Library

Cornholme and Portsmouth Old Library have recently received some much appreciated funding. Todmorden Town Council have given £3000 towards the running costs of the organisation and towards the food bank. ‘This will help us enormously’ said Rachel Jones ,a trustee, ‘ in order to keep going we have relied on small grants for particular projects, so having some money towards our core running costs is a real bonus’. Cornholme Community Project who have donated a further £878 and the ward forum in Todmorden has also agreed £500 towards some signage and improvements to the building. The building is rented from Calderdale Community Foundation and has been open for just over a year after being closed in 2007. It lay empty for some time until a group of committed residents took on improving it. There are many activities going on regularly including a Community Cafe selling affordable, locally-sourced food made on the premises. A Parent and Toddler every Monday, Garden Club and Job Club on Tuesdays and a Food Bank runs on Wednesdays. Yoga Classes, Creative writing, councillors and police surgeries are regular events as well as larger events such as Communicycle, Mad Hatters Tea Party. More are planned for later on this year. Training for volunteers is to be run by Calderdale Voluntary Action and Halifax Opportunities Trust in February and March this year and the Old Library is hoping to join in the Bike Bank scheme being run by ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’.

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