Wassailing to Cornholme on the Old Twelfth Night

Thanks to all who came to Wassailing last Saturday night, the original ‘Old Twelfth Night’. Artist Thea Soltau, Folk musician Leo and his wife Joy taught us some traditional Wassailing songs, and we had great fun dancing and making some noise to ‘wake up’ the trees by banging the traditional instrument – pots and pans! We were joined by local musician Diana and her bassoon which was a fantastic addition, and drank the traditional ‘Lambswool cider’ and shared cakes which people had brought to share.  Joy made a tree with apple cards to write our messages of good health on, and we were led blindfolded to the tree to put our apples on the branches aided by Marley Smith age 5.

And as promised, here is the link to the recipe for the Vegan Chocolate Beetroot cake:



Thea Joy Leo and Diana getting ready for the Yorkshire Wassail song


The indoor Wassail tree with messages of good healthy to all


Being led blinfold to the Wassail tree


Marley Smith helping lead the way to the tree


Smiles all round


Ros Hurley enjoying a slice of Vegan Beetroot Chocolate cake

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