Donation of Donkey Poo moves the garden forwards

Valiant volunteers

Valiant volunteers

Ivor, our volunteer garden co-ordinator and trustee, has supported “The Incredible Farm” since its inception by providing drawings and applications for temporary and more recently permanent planning consent for their site in Walsden on a voluntary basis. The site is owned by Gordon Riggs Nursery. The farm runs course and provides apprenticeships for local people and is run by Beth Osman and Nick Green.

The farm has sourced a plentiful, free supply of donkey manure locally providing natural fertilisation for their raised beds. Following discussions with Beth and Nick regarding the raised beds planned for The Old Library they agreed to repay some of the voluntary time in donkey poo which Nick delivered last Thursday to coincide with one of our garden working group efforts.

The farm raises poultry and takes any surplus from our weekly food give away either to feed to their growing stock or to compost on site.

Look out for seed and seedling swap in March and The Cornholme Open Gardens Day on 15th June. Entry forms available soon.


A great attendance at the recent Mission Consultation

Thank you to all staff, volunteers and trustees who attended the Mission Consultation to help the library move forwards in planning  a sustainable and vibrant future. Lots of exciting ideas and opinions were expressed and will be discussed further to form a  coherent vision for how the space is managed and used.

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