Help out at Food Pickup in The Old Library

We have a Food Bank every Wednesday from 5.15 until 5.30 pm Food Pickup. We are happy to support all residents from Cornholme and Portsmouth. 

Title of role

Food Pickup Volunteer

Purpose of role

To participate in planning, advertising, and running Free Food Pickup at The Old Library, to promote The Old Library’s services to attendees of Food Pickup and to help recruit new volunteers.


Picking up fresh produce at Todmorden Lidl at 4.30 pm

Picking up bread products from Todmorden Oddie’s at 4.45 pm

Sorting out food for giving away at The Old Library at 5 pm

Handing out food items to visitors of Food Pickup

Clearing up after the session

Composting food leftovers or otherwise recycling them

Promoting services available at The Old Library to the visitors, for instance, WinterWarmth packs, Welfare and Benefit Advice, Job Club etc.

Recruiting volunteers for Food Pickup and for The Old Library

Promoting The Old Library as a community-owned building and helping people to use The Old Library as their community centre


We also have other volunteering roles at the Old Library. Please get in touch for more information on tel 017-6813222 or email


The Old Library, Parkside Road, Cornholme, OL14 8QA

Support and supervision

There is ongoing support from the experienced Food Pickup volunteers.  The Old Library’s Café Worker will provide café leftovers for giving away. Administration Worker will process your Volunteer Application and will provide all necessary administrative support. You will meet with the Administration Worker and/or Trustees to discuss long-term and short-term goals and ways of achieving them. You will be given all necessary briefing and you will get acquainted with The Old Library’s building and activity programme.

Benefits of the role

You will have a chance to provide practical help to the people of your community. You will develop your organisation, interpersonal and team skills.  You will be volunteering as part of strong team of committed people.

The Old Library is a vibrant community-owned building. You will have the chance to meet new people, and be a part of establishing a sustainable community hub.

You will be offered the opportunity to attend any in house training that is relevant to your role.  After you have been with us for 2 months you will be able to request a reference should you need it.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed. You will be able to have one free drink per session.




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