Portsmouth Station Group meeting 9 Jan 2014

Please download the Minutes of the First meeting of Portsmouth Station Group (provisional name) here PortsmouthStationGroupMeeting9Jan2014

Portsmouth station group meeting 9 Jan 2014


Notes from meeting 9 Jan 2014 at the Old Library


20 people attended this meeting to set up a group to push for a station at the old Portsmouth station site.


Juliet Breese opened the meeting and talked about the survey she had done and all the interest she had found among people living along the Burnley Valley. She passed round pictures of the old station and postcards showing how it used to be. A note about the numbers of people surveyed and what the results were is coming.


Cllr Dave Tattersall asked Cllr Mike Hatfield to speak about his understanding about how best to proceed. Mike suggested that the first step would be Todmorden Town Council to get in touch with West Yorkshire Metro to ask their advice. Mike explained to us that it would be very likely that we would have to undertake an initial survey, which would include


1) showing how much this station would be used (footfall) and that this would need to be additional journeys  – not simply people switching from using other stations. Mike suggested that a footfall of 1000 a day would be a probable target.


2) an engineering survey which would calculated the possible cost of the station – the platforms, shelter, bridge, ticket machine access for push chair/wheel chair users.


Mike gave us the figure of £25 -30k for this initial survey but that we could go to Tod TC, Calderdale Council, West Yorkshire, Burnley Council and Lancashire Council who all might be prepared to contribute say £5k each.


He told us that realistically a station would cost around £5m and that additional negotiations would need to take place to get the rail operators to agree to stop trains at a new station.


We talked about how attractive the station would be to people along the Burnley Valley from Todmorden to Cliviger and along to the north and west of Burnley, the necessary parking, the planned new building in Portsmouth, and it was an ideal location for bike riders and walkers to set off.


We talked about what we should call the group…

Please let me know what you think about the following names:


1 Portsmouth Station Action Group

2 Portsmouth Rail Action Group

3 Cornholme and Portsmouth Station


The meeting ended with Cllr Dave Tattersall and Cllr Mike Hatfield agreeing to get in touch with West Yorkshire Metro and come back to the group so we can plan the next step.


It was agreed to issue a press release -Caroline Pinder and Joanne Dugdale.


Please pass these notes on to anyone who might be interested in joining us or who wants to be kept informed and on to anyone who does not use emails.


The date of the next meeting was to be agreed after we get a date for the Metro meeting.


Contact details


Caroline Pinder, Secretary

01706 816 525

07960 339 037



  1 comment for “Portsmouth Station Group meeting 9 Jan 2014

  1. chris hayes
    May 12, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    Hi, Since subscribing I have read with interest the information that you have been sending out, in particular and as I live on Station Parade, the recent newsletter about the proposed new. station bid. I may be looking in the wrong place & have missed it, but would you know when the next station meeting is?
    Also, as I regularly use portsmouth level crossing and have to avoid all the dog mess every time I walk across, as a Community Hub, is there anyway that you could do to raise concern locally about the amount of mess that dog owners leave? When I raised the issue with offending dog owners, they often respond by saying there isn’t enough dog mess bins, not that that’s a satisfactory reason in my opinion. And the amount of litter left lying around isn’t much better. Anything the Community Hub group could do to encourage dog owners to clear up the mess and discourage mainly childen I think from leaving litter would be appreciated. Pride in the area you live & in its appearance should be the strapline Regards Chris Hayes, Station Parade, Portsmouth

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