New Services available from Tuesdays Job Club

Working Families Calderdale

Tuesday afternoon, 17th December, we at the Job Club are hoping that we will have a visit from Michelle Morris. Michelle works with families to help them with advice and support for finding the right jobs; the service she offers can include access to childcare,training,debt advice,job planning and work experience. She already works in Todmorden College and has clients who travel down from Cornholme and so if people are interested, her visits to the Old Library can be a regular thing.

“Start your own Business”

Eric Binns of Calderdale Council’s Business Support Team delivers free advice on becoming self-employed and starting your own business: he offers one to one meetings, or group sessions on a monthly basis and has offered his service to The Old Library. You can find out about all aspects of business, whether you want to be an eBay trader, market stall holder or any type of sole trader including advice on finances, VAT and business plans. He can also help with attending free business training workshops.  Ask at The Old Library for details.

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