Harvest festivities at The Old Library

AutumnTreesFWHarvest Moon did not show her face on the evening of 26 September, but she was surely peaking in to witness all the proceedings of Harvest celebrations in Cornholme and Portsmouth.



In the morning Caroline, The Old Library’s Finance Worker, and brave volunteers gathered in Vale Baptist Church in order to bake these beautiful and delicious creations.




Sonya Moorhead of Canopy cooked a stew with vegetables donated by Cornholme and Portsmouth’s growers. Real autumn treat.




Guests flooded in





And soon the stew was gone








However, as Alison McCabe, who leads a writing course in The Old Library reminded us, as one thing (summer) ends, another (autumn begins, in her Astrology talk/poetry reading, as the food ended, entertainment began.


The stars of Open Mic performed “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. The audience applauded and sang “Happy Birthday” back to the lead performer Elizabeth.







We heard from Jay and sang along to her “Johnny Cashish” performance.









We played percussion and danced to Jos










And we giggled at Jackie’s Cornholme song.


Seasonal celebrations will continue in The Old Library,  and regular jamming sessions for local musicians will start soon. Watch this space.


And here are some more photos


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